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Are we ready yet?

When the Beast form the East arrived, we were all hit with a shock to society as the whole country came to a standstill. Many were isolated and left alone. In some cases, we experienced blackouts and cold dark nights with just a candle to light up the small box room we had moved into because it was easier to heat. Now as we all talk about global warming and climate change, there are those among us who think it’s great! Summers of sunshine and milder winters. Wrong as Global warming is an ongoing process. The weather is still daily and effected by the wind currents and atmospheric conditions that will be seriously affected by the rise temperatures in our seas. Warmer seas , more hurricanes and storms

One way to be ready for a blast of cold weather from the east is to have our winter ready packs fully stocked and loaded to go when called upon. These packs are excellent and I came across them first with Carlow seniors’ group. The packs are expertly put together. They include, A flash lame and back up batteries, matches, Warm Thermal silver blankets, Bottle of water, and a wind-up radio.

Now that is just an example of the Winter Packs. Other packs including the classic pack the most popular pack containing all your winter essentials

✔ Size 6-11 pair of socks
✔ Fleece neck Warmer
✔ Thermal gloves
✔ Thermal hat
✔ 120x150cm Fleece Blanket (neutral)
✔ Travel Mug (steel)

All clothing is black & one size unless specified

Packed in a reusable canvas bag

There is also the Basic Winter pack available

The perfect basic winter pack. All products are warm without being too heavy. This pack is ideal for people who are outdoors a lot or need extra layers.

✔ Size 6-11 pair of socks (black)
✔ Fleece neck warmer (black)
✔ Thermal gloves (black)
✔ Winter thermal hat (black)

All clothing is one size unless specified. Supplied in a reusable canvas bag

Prices vary depending on contents of the Winter pack

As the weather does get colder be sure to keep tuned to your local radio and our Carlow weather man who is right on the button with his predictions. Alan O Reilly is the man we all call on now to see what’s coming over the hills and oceans when discussing weather.

Our advice is to take heed of the warnings and get winter ready. Stock up on the essentials. Personally, I love the warm Hot cups. A Quick bit of heat for the body. And please turn on the heating, no point in having oil in the tank or gas and electricity at the ready and you feeling the cold to save a few euro. If you have to make the choice between your health or your wealth? Always choose Health! and in a round about way you ll be all the better for it. Why?  Because always remember your Health is your Wealth

Please give your number and a key to your front door to the one you trust. Check in with your neighbours’ and family at lest twice daily. And then if they don’t hear from you, they will know to call and check in to ensure you a safe, sound and snug in your own home. Remember you are not a burden. You are a treasured member of your family and neighbourhood.

Keep picking up the Kilkenny Observer Newspaper and all your good retail outlets. It’s FREE and every penny saved is a blessing and they will all add up to make us ready for the coming months and winter

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