One small step for Twilight, one giant leap for Kilkenny’s Youth

Twilight Community Group continues to grow year on year in Kilkenny, Ireland and across the European Union. On September 22, 2023 the, forward-looking group, agreed an accord with Beclean in Romania. This, and the other agreements the Charity has with other European Municipal districts are important for the youth, young adults, citizens and business in Kilkenny City. After all Twilight are a Kilkenny organization, and their aims are to offer opportunities for all In Kilkenny including highlighting tourism and Business opportunities.

This agreement with Beclean now offers the youth and young adults of Kilkenny, the opportunity to travel to Beclean for one week to a fortnight and experience the culture and community activities. By experience other cultures, history and seeing the heritage venues will expand these citizens of Kilkenny and this in turn expands our understanding of cooperation and the values of European Solidarity. For our youth it allows them to immerse themselves into another European City and experience their culture and witness the similarities and differences between Kilkenny, and in this case Beclean. If you want to part of these projects you can become a member of Twilight by contacting our Head office 0567813105 / 0863255840 or adm

This agreement reads and guarantees the cooperation:

To maintain permanent ties between the two communities to create on the signing of this agreement. 

We are convinced that the objective achieved will be a source of strengthening our   aspirations, that men and women called upon to collaborate will do so in a spirit of openness and that each will at the same time achieve mutual development both at personal level and 


To this end, we will develop exchanges between schools, clubs:  sports, cultural, social,    and other associations; we will also promote the development of commercial and business links. 

We sign, with faith for prosperity and future achievements of the institutions and its members. 

The Accord was signed by

MR MARTIN BRENNAN CEO, MR STEPHEN MUNGOVAN General Manager, MR LIVIU IFTIME Romanian Attaché for Twilight Community Group CLG

And on behalf of Beclean
MR.NICOLAE MOLDOVAN Mayor of Beclean City, MR. BOGDAN RUSU, Deputy Mayor of Beclean City

As part of this accord and agreement for ongoing cooperation, Mr Martin Brennan CEO of Twilight announced that Twilight Community Group will host 5 young adults in Kilkenny July 13th to 20th next year, and two leaders, as part of their Connecting Cultures programme. Prior to this a leader and a member of the Beclean youth can come to Ireland with Mayor Nicolae Moldovan and Deputy Mayor Mr Bogdan Rusu, too Kilkenny for their European Cultures Together programme.

This event will take place from 26th October till October 29th as our European Partners will be in Kilkenny to display their culture and cuisines to each other and the general public. This is a free event and takes place on the Friday 27th October in the wonderful surrounding of the Ormond Hotel, Kilkenny.

Another surprise and an honour was unveiled in Beclean’s incredible Legacy Centre. This, is one of many a local municipal district run centres where special rates and membership is available and a priority for the inclusion of martialized and disadvantage communities can avail, in some cases, free access. Others visited by the Twilight / Kilkenny Delegation which included Cllr Andrew McGuiness and Stefan Cardare, were the Social Care Centre, Tourist resort, massive playground and pay centre. All remain under the ambitious Beclean Municipal District and Progressive Mayor Moldovan’s Control and all the profit is therefore re invested in the districts plans for the future. The surprise that the Mayor and Beclean Municipality had for Twilight Community Group was the installation of the Twilight Logo ‘The Tree of Life’. The Mayor decided to install the Twilight Logo after visiting Kilkenny and hearing the significance of the Tree of Life to CEO Murty Brennan.

It is an exciting time for Twilight, The development of their new Hub at their Head Office, Hebron House. New Partners across Europe and an International Conference on European Cuisine and workshops. We would like to invite you to part of Twilight Community Group’s continuing growth for the benefit of all the Communities of Kilkenny.

Join us by contacting 0567813105 / 0863255840 or email adm @

On this trip to Beclean Local Councillor Mr Andrew McGuinness, the Municipal District of Beclean bestowed the Honour of been a Honorary Citizen of Beclean . Over the past number of years Andrew has assist in the promotion of Romanian in Ireland. To this end he has worked closely with Deputy Mayor Mr Rusu. Andrew’s wife and two children were present to witness this honour for their  husband and father

Congratulations Andrew from all at Twilight Community Group.

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